My Teenager Refuses to Get Braces – What Do I Do?


Although the stigma associated with braces is predominantly dead and buried, many teenagers still feel awkward about sporting metal braces for a couple of years to enhance their smile and improve their oral health. Only a decade ago, traditional metal braces was the only teeth straightening option available so if you wanted straight teeth, you simply didn’t have a choice. While wearing braces for a few years isn’t exactly a teenager’s dream, neither is a misaligned bite and crooked teeth! So, what other teeth straightening options are available today?

Technology has grown rapidly over the past several years and the orthodontics industry has benefited greatly from these advancements. Today, there are far more comfortable and discreet treatment options other than braces which are almost invisible to people around them. If you’ve noticed that your teenager needs orthodontic treatment but they refuse to get braces, bear in mind that there are other treatments available which are equally as successful and roughly the same in costs as traditional metal braces. To give you some insight, today we’ll be discussing the most popular orthodontic treatment for teenagers – Invisalign Teen.

Introducing Invisalign Teen ®

Invisalign Teen is a new orthodontic treatment which uses Invisalign technology where patients wear a series of clear, plastic aligners that resemble a super thin mouthguard. As opposed to metal braces, Invisalign Teen aligners are almost invisible to other people so patients can carry out orthodontic treatment in an aesthetically pleasing way. Your teen simply wears the aligners over their teeth and substitutes for a new set of aligners every week or two. Slowly and gently, your teen’s teeth will shift into the ideal position to reveal a confident and healthy smile.

Some teens who have braces find it troublesome to maintain good oral health since it’s difficult to completely clean their mouth with brackets and archwires on their teeth. Consequently, some patients develop cavities and experience tooth demineralisation which occurs when plaque draws minerals from the tooth’s enamel and causes staining.

A substantial advantage with Invisalign Teen is that the clear aligners can be effortlessly removed when eating and cleaning their mouth, allowing them to easily maintain good oral health. At the same time, Invisalign Teen patients don’t have the same food constraints as patients who have braces – bring on the popcorn and soda at movie night!

How much does Invisalign Teen cost?

Invisalign Teen normally costs around the same as traditional metal braces however always remember that the costs are based on the level of difficulty with the orthodontic condition. If you have health insurance with orthodontic cover, you will be granted a rebate. Most orthodontic clinics offer flexible and budget friendly payment plans the same as they do with traditional metal braces, all you need to do is ask!

How often does my teenager need to wear the aligners?

Most teenager have to wear their Invisalign aligners for approximately 20 to 22 hours every day, which gives them enough time for eating and cleaning their teeth. If you’re nervous that your teen won’t wear their aligners for the recommended timeframe every day, each Invisalign Teen aligner has a blue dot indicator which fades when the aligners are worn as recommended. Subsequently, most teenagers follow their orthodontists’ directions and wear their aligners as directed.

Is Invisalign Teen as reliable as traditional metal braces?

For patients that wear their Invisalign Teen aligners for the recommended timeframe every day, Invisalign has shown to be equally reliable as traditional metal braces for most teeth straightening problems. Invisalign is appropriate for treating mild to severe orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth, overbite, crowding, underbite, and gaps between teeth. In reality, most adolescent patients are suitable for Invisalign Teen treatment but to find out for certain, talk to your family orthodontist who can evaluate your teen’s needs.

In today’s modern age, it’s understandable that some teens don’t want to sport metal braces at high school for several years, so Invisalign Teen is a fantastic alternative that is more comfortable, discreet, and easier to manage. With a range of advantages over traditional metal braces and being just as successful at straightening teeth, why not enquire today? Phone the friendly staff at Clear Smiles Orthodontics on 07 5593 3733 to book a free initial consultation.

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